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Added commands to insert images, objects and terrain meshes without georeferencing, especifying insertion units and conversion to meter factor. Added option to insert and import images with relative, full or no path.

Export terrain meshes from Google earth to Civil 3D

Now you can export a CAD-Earth terrain mesh (imported from Google Earth) to a LandXML file, which can be imported by Civil 3D and other software products to create surfaces.


Group CAD entities exported to Google Earth by their layer name

A folder will be created in Google Earth for each layer found containing the exported CAD entities. You can then edit folder color, style and visibility to change the properties of the contained entities.

Import georeferenced images and terrain meshes

Now you can import georeferenced images and terrain meshes exactly as you see them in them in Google Earth. If you have placemarks, polygons, image overlays or routes in Google Earth they will appear in the image imported to your CAD application.


No need to georeference your drawing twice

If an AutoCAD drawing is already georeferenced you will not have to georeference it again using CAD-Earth commands.


Mesh creation has been simplified

You will no longer have to specify the grid origin point and distance between rows and columns to create a mesh. Now you just have to specify the mesh resolution (normal, medium, high or highest) and optionally the grid rotation when importing terrain meshes from Google Earth.


You can get this update free of charge from our download web page. (The CAD-Earth trial version will run as a registered version if the activation key is already applied. You will not lose your license activation key or evaluation period if you install this update).

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