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Easily import/export images, objects and terrain meshes
between Google Earth™ and major CAD programs.

Now it's easier than ever to insert your images, objects and terrain meshes.

What's new in CAD-Earth Premium?

  • Instantly get cut-fill volume calculations, comparing with another mesh inside a region defined by selecting points on the mesh or selecting an existing closed polyline in the drawing. You can preview the cut and fill areas with color and transparency, and insert a summary cut-fill volume table in the drawing, along with the plan view image of the area analyzed.
  • View the surface by elevation or slope ranges, defining colors and minimum-maximum values for each range, and insert a summary table in the drawing with the corresponding plan view image.
  • Display instant contour lines, defining the contour line color, gap and base elevation.
  • Create animation videos, defining camera positions and view directions, speed and pause time. The resulting file can be opened in any mp4 compatible player, such as the Windows Media Player.
  • Measure distance, slope and angles directly on the mesh, along any of the XYZ axis and planes.
  • Open the Mesh Cross Section Viewer, where you can inspect an orthographic view of a mesh cross section.
  • Take a screenshot of the current view, and save it to an image file or insert it in the current drawing as a raster image reference.
  • Import surface from a LandXML file, from other software applications that can save surface information in this file format, such as Civil 3D©. The imported mesh is 100% compatible with CAD-Earth commands.
  • Link an existing image in the drawing to a terrain mesh. If you open the mesh in the Mesh Viewer, the image will be projected on the mesh instead of visualizing it with a solid color. Once you link an image to a terrain mesh, if you move, rotate or scale the mesh the image will be updated accordingly.
  • Create a mesh by selecting existing 3D faces in the drawing. This command is useful to convert meshes from previous CAD-Earth versions to the new format.

See a side by side comparison of all CAD-Earth versions.

Why choose CAD-Earth?

With over 10,000 worldwide users and counting, we offer...

Easy to use commands

You can pick CAD-Earth commands from a toolbar, from the screen menu or at the command prompt. Automatic command loading in each CAD session and extensive help in each step.

Accurate image and object placement

You can define precise conversion parameters between your drawing and latitude/longitude coordinates by locating the site in a map, by selecting two points in the drawing or by choosing from more than 3000 coordinate systems worldwide.

Dynamic object updating

When you modify object settings the corresponding contour lines, profiles or sections are dynamically updated.

The most flexible pricing in the industry

We offer perpetual licenses and annual subscriptions, with free technical support and updates.

Works with Google Earth and Cesium and multiple CAD/Windows platforms. 

It can be used with Google Earth free and Pro versions and in major CAD platforms (AutoCAD®  and BricsCAD®). On Windows® 7, 8 & 10 in 32 or 64 bits.

Free Technical Support

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